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Some more photos

Here are some updated photos - see the caption & notes for expaination (double click on the image).

As someone suggested, I´ve added some people to these (I´m sure there was a conspiracy theory that I was doing a Lonely Planet and not actually here at all - sitting in a motel somewhere making up adventures!!)


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Ocean Adventure

sunny 33 °C

I'm in Roatan at the moment, which is an island off the Honduras coast. This town is a small, very chilled out diving spot. Had a few beers at Sundancers last night, a thatch hut right on the beach. Met up with some Swedes and watched the sunset over the Ocean. We all went out to dinner for BBQ snapper (a massive whole fish, fresh out of the ocean).

Did a diving course this morning and a couple of reef dives this afternoon. Crystal blue water, tropical fish everywhere - heaven!

I've got another night with my new friends before heading out first thing. Hope to be in Grenada, Nicaragua by tomorrow night.

All the best for Anzac day everyone. My dive instructor is a Kiwi so we'll be toasting a few tonight.

Till the next one,

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The First Leg

semi-overcast 25 °C

Hi there,
I'm in Antigua at the moment. I made it through Belize and across to Livingston, Guatemala. Met some Garafunia / Rasta / Caribbean locals and had a ball on Friday night. Sailed up the Rio Dolce and got into the jungle. Climbed a volcano yesterday and got to walk across the lava flow (the 'non-molten' bit of course!!). Heading east today and into Honduras, will hopefully be in La Ceiba for tomorrow night and then onto the Bay islands for some diving.

Having a ball, seeing some amazing things, meeting loads of interesting people, learning a lot, being challenged along the way and already getting into a few adventures.

Will try to upload some photos in a few days / this pc doesn't have a USB.

Hope you are all well and happy.
All the best.
Hasta luego,


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A good start

sunny 27 °C

Hi there,
I arrived safely in Cancun on Tues (28hrs door to door!) - nice place, if a bit touristy. Headed south first thing Wed to Tulum - very chilled out and beachy. Got a Cabana on the beach, walked the Mayan ruins, had a snorkel and got some sun. The Cabana had a hammock out front which was perfect for a Corona and siesta. Latin band at the restaurant - again, on the beach.

Came further south yesterday, through Chetumal to Belize City. They said that this was a dangerous place, and I can understand why. It's like to wild west out here. You can't really walk on your own, particularly at night. Lucky I met two Americans and a German on the bus. We all went out for some traditional Creole and beer / rum last night.

Deciding whether to hit the Cayes today or head down to Punta Gorda.

I'll try to load a few photos.

Hope all is well at home.
All the best.


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